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 Massachusetts Agriculture Facts

  • Massachusetts is 2nd in New England for direct sales of farm products to consumers. At $42M in direct sales, Massachusetts farmers were responsible for 40 percent of New England’s total.
  • Massachusetts ranks 9th nationally in total value of direct sales, following states such as California, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington.
  • More than 80% of Massachusetts farms are family-owned. Over 95% fit the category of “small farms”, sales below $250,000.
  • Massachusetts ranks 1st in the U.S. for farmland value at $12,202 per acre.
  • Female farm operators account for 29% of the farm operators in MA, up from 21% in 2002.
  • Massachusetts increased number of organic farms from 129 in 2002 to 295 in 2007, and organic sales from $7.8M in sales in 2002 to $17.5M in 2007.

Sources: New England Agricultural Statistics 2007 and U.S. Census of Agriculture 2007.

Farm Spotlight

Crane Neck Tree Farm
114 Crane Neck RoadWest Newbury MA 01985
(978) 363-1272

Massachusetts Agriculture Tourism Map

The Massachusetts Agriculture Tourism Map will help you and your family plan a trip to a farm destination as well as the opportunity to visit a state park or other state recreational facility. The map offers brief descriptions about each farm to help guide the way to your next agricultural adventure!
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