Danversport Yacht Club Farm to Table

May 11, 2017 4:30 pm

The Danversport Yacht Club is known for being a great venue for weddings, and having exquisite dishes. Have you ever wondered why their food is so good? They do have excellent chefs but what makes their dishes stand out from the rest is they use a farm to table program. Danversport Yacht Club purchased a farm a few years ago, to grow delicious produce to use in their meals. One dish that stands out is their butternut squash raviolis; theirs don’t even compare to others. The raviolis are so decadent because they use their very own farm fresh butternut squash. Which is an award winning squash. In 2016 they won first place as well as a special award at the Topsfield Fair vegetable contest in the butternut squash exhibit. If you want delicious farm fresh, award winning dishes, Danversport Yacht Club is the place to have your private event! Guests will be talking about their food from years to come.

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