Why are agricultural Fairs so important?

March 21, 2018 8:29 pm

Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural Fairs have been running for decades. Their purpose is to bring community members together, and celebrate communities local harvest, livestock, crafts, baked goods and much more. Agricultural Fairs are important asset to our communities and have a huge education component. It exposes and teach community members who have never stepped foot on a farm about agriculture.

The best part of the agricultural fairs is seeing all the work our community members did whether its crafts or poultry, it’s an opportunity to gawk at each other’s exhibits and appreciate what our counties community members can do. Unfortunately, throughout the years there has been a decrease in exhibitors in all departments. Community members for some reason aren’t showing in exhibits any more. The purpose of the fair is to come and see these great exhibits people in our community do. If we don’t have great exhibits eventually the fair will become obsolete. We need our amazing community members to come out of the woodworks and show an educate about agriculture.

Northeast Harvest counties have two popular agriculture fairs our community members love to visit, the Middlesex County 4-H Fair and the Topsfield Fair which is in Essex county. Both our fairs have been striving for years and have educated our communities about our local agriculture and agricultural history. Although we have noticed a decrease in exhibitors here, less community members are entering in agricultural exhibits. It’s important we start encouraging our neighbors who have backyard chicken coops to enter, or even a friend who has excellent baking skills to enter the pie making contests. Their work is important to our community and we want them to demonstrate their excellence.

Middlesex County 4-H Fair

The Middlesex County 4-H Fair, Inc. is a non-profit organization (501c) run entirely by volunteers. The Fair is an agricultural, non-commercial, youth fair that runs for 3 days, and all of exhibitors are members of 4-H Clubs in Middlesex County. Only 4-H members exhibit in this fair, which promotes community members to join 4-H.

Topsfield Fair

The Topsfield Fair is a non-profit organization, that runs an eleven-day agricultural fair. It is a quintessential country fair displaying traditional agriculture, big entertainment, rides, games, shopping, and great food. All community members are eligible to exhibit in this fair. They will be having their 200th Fair September 28th through October 8, 2018.

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