Fish, Seafood, and Aquaculture

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is known as fish or shellfish farming. They breed, rear, and harvest plants and animals in all types of water environments such as ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans. Aquaculture produces food fish, sport fish, bait fish, ornamental fish, crustaceans, mollusks, algae, sea vegetables, and fish eggs.

There is both marine aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture. Marine Aquaculture contributes to seafood supply and supports commercial fisheries. Aquaculture helps produce more seafood supplies for commercial fishermen to continue to fish, which helps maintain economic activity in coastal communities. Freshwater Aquaculture contributes to produce species that are native to rivers, lakes, and streams. They typically produce catfish, trout, tilapia, and bass.

Aquaculture is a viable method to produce seafood, since over-fishing has been an issue, it’s a growing resolution. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a leading agency on aquaculture. They provide federal guidance and financial aid to help develop aquaculture regulations and the physical systems.

Why is aquaculture important?

It’s so important that we continue to grow aquaculture to preserve our marine life. Aquaculture enhances wild fish, shellfish, and plants that we can harvest. It also restores threatened and endangers aquatic species. Without aquaculture commercial fishermen would be out of jobs and there would be no more seafood on our dinner tables because fish and other seafood would become extinct.

In Massachusetts the aquaculture industry is very diverse compared to the agriculture industry. Since 1970 aquaculture has grown to include more than 15 species of fish and shellfish that are cultivated. There are many institutions involved in the aquaculture industry. Most aquaculture in Massachusetts occurs on the South Shore, Cape Cod, Islands, and South Coast area. There are only a few shellfish growers on the North Shore, in the Ipswich, Gloucester, Rowley area. The fishing industry is so important to our Massachusetts economy, without it thousands will lose jobs. We need to increase marine aquaculture in northeast Massachusetts to ensure the commercial fishing industry doesn’t collapse.

Farm Spotlight

Lexington Farmers' Market
Corner of Fletcher Ave & Mass AveLexington MA 02420
(617) 212-2820

Northeast Harvest Aquaculture

Fish and Seafood Markets

Cherry Street Fish Market

26 Hobart Street

Danvers, MA

For over 30 years Cherry Street Fish Market has been, and continues to provide the North Shore’s seafood lovers with the highest quality and widest variety of seafood products! They sell a variety of products at their fish market, and are known for their famous lobster rolls.

Intershell International Corp.

9 Blackburn Drive

Gloucester, MA

Intershell International Corporation was founded in 1992, and has operated since as a seafood processing and distribution company. They are located in the heart of Gloucester, Massachusetts. They have always provided high quality seafood products to our customers, locally, nationwide, and internationally. They process a wide variety of products focusing on raw materials landed locally. They have a fleet of local boats that bring in products on a daily basis. Intershell sells to all of the major Sushi distributors around the country, wholesalers in Boston, internationally over seas, and to restaurants around New England. There fresh seafood is also available to the general public at their retail store, where they have fresh fish, shell fish, prepared dishes, and lobsters.

Twin Seafood Market

541 Mass Avenue

Acton, MA

John and Joe Loblundo opened the Twin Seafood in Concord in June of 1991. Twin Seafood sells fresh fish and seafood and has an extensive dine-in and takeout menus. They also cater events, they have a great Clambake Menu.

David’s Fish Market and Lobster Pound

54 Bridge Street

Salisbury, MA

David’s Fish Market & Lobster Pound is one of the best fish, seafood and shellfish markets in New England. It is located in Salisbury right off Route 1. Family-owned and operated since 1946, they are committed to offering only the best seafood available. David’s Fish Market & Lobster Pound has a fantastic selection of fish, seafood and shellfish. They supply seafood to restaurants throughout New England, and constantly have the freshest seafood anywhere!

Two Buoys Lobster Tours

Billerica, MA

Two Buoys Lobster is owned by the Penny family – Wes and Fred.

A small independently operated family owned business that actually has 3 facets.  Not only do they provide lobster tours through Boston Harbor but are actively involved in the commercial lobster fishery.  During their season, roughly May through November they fish up to 800 lobster pots.  Donna and Susan sell our lobsters as well as other fish products at the Billerica Farmers Market and the Lowell Farmers Market from the end of June through October.

Turner’s Seafood

4 Smith Street

Gloucester, MA

Turner’s Seafood offers the freshest fish and seafood directly from the Gloucester waterfront. Fish n’ Chip service is available daily from noon to closing. “Anything fresher still swims!”