Essex County Mushroom Farm

94B Lawrence Road
Boxford, MA 01921

(781) 384-1801

Essex County Mushroom Farm (‘ECMF’) grows the Freshest Mushrooms Around™! Focusing on the best tasting specialty varieties, ECMF delivers mushrooms the same day they are picked to restaurants, farmers markets, grocery and butcher shops, and even direct to your door! We operate every day from 8am until 8pm, however we are not open for public visitation. ECMF has an ‘Any-Season’ CSA program, mushroom supplement for garden composting, and also sells mushroom grow kits – so you can have fun growing your own mushrooms at home! ECMF’s website has details about where you can find the Freshest Mushrooms Around™!

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Essex County Mushroom Farm

94B Lawrence Road, Boxford, MA 01921, USA