Walden Meat

316 Shawmut Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02118



Walden Meats produce the highest quality supply of 100% grass-fed beef  and other pasture-raised meat including chicken, pork and lamb from nearby highly principled farms from New England and New York.

By partnering with small industrious farmers instead of industrial factory farms, they are reinvigorating the local agricultural economy, in support of healthier and happier animals, people and communities. For people who want to take back control of the food they buy, cook, and eat, farmers who work hard to ethically raise animals in open pastures, animals that deserve to be fed what they are meant to eat and to be treated with dignity, soil that needs better stewardship as one of our most vital natural resources, long-term health and happiness of families and friends, and for the strength of local economies. Walden Meats are making local work.


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Walden Meat

316 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118, USA