Tips to get in more Fruits and Veggies Daily

August 19, 2014 12:00 am

If you are not eating more fruits and vegetables yet, you’re missing out on some major disease-fighting benefits, not to mention one of the best weight-management strategies to come around in years. So how do you get more servings of fruit and veggies in daily.  Here are some suggestions to help you boost your fruit and veggie consumption.

  1. Boost Breakfast – Start early in the day trying to fit in your daily requirements. Bananas. kiwi, berries or dried fruit combine well with cereals.  Smoothies and milkshakes are also a great idea to maximize your healthy foods from the start of your day.
  2. Raw, Raw, Raw. Keep fresh cut raw veggies or fruit easily accessible for a mid morning snack.  Dip in peanut butter for some protein or your favorite dip.
  3. Add to your favorite meals. If you have a favorite recipe for spaghetti sauce, chili or stir fry add more veggies to the mix.
  4. Drink your veggies. Many smoothie recipes call for veggies rich in nutritious value like spinach, kale, or fruits!  Make  it fun!
  5. Slurp some soup! Soups and stews can be a nutritious, filling way to get lots of vegetables into a meal. Soup is an easy way to increase the variety of veggies you eat, too, as it can make some of your least favorite options more palatable.
  6. Bar hop. Next time you’re blanking on a quick, easy place to grab lunch, head to the salad bar at a local grocery store. With an endless variety of vegetables, cut fruit and soups, it’s an easy way to make sure you get a meal rich in nutrients and fiber.
  7. Be ready at all times. Have cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge ready for munching at all times. Whether you buy the pre-cut options in the produce department or take the time to cut and bag it yourself, you’re more likely to eat it if it’s readily and easily available.

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