Volunteering at a Local Farm

January 30, 2015 12:00 am

The new year is here and we have all made our resolutions to eat better, be helpful to others or give up bad vices.  This year may we suggest a resolution that can not only be beneficial to you but to local farmers and in the end to our economy as well.  Volunteer at a local farm!

Whether you are a student looking to complete community service hours, a senior who loves to give back and work with their hands or just someone who loves being outdoors and being part of the circle of farming, volunteering at a local farm could be a great way to spend your time this coming spring.  Here are some of the benefits that volunteering could bring to you and the community at large.

  • Knowledge – When someone volunteers at a local farm or farmers market, they gain insight and a deeper understanding of the farming process.  Volunteers can help with animals, sales, planting, feeding and cultivating.  All this work helps even young children understand the value and the hard work of our farmers.  Without them there would be no food.
  • A work out!  We all know that farming is not easy work.  If you enjoy being outside and working with your hands instead of on a treadmill, then this might possibly be the best workout you could ever get.
  • Help the local economy.  Helping out at a local farms means they can get more done, produce more and keep costs down.  This money stays local and in turn can help your local economy.  According to Heart to Heart Farms “volunteers can make a significant impact on the cost of the products and produce that come from the farms where they volunteer. Farms that have volunteers have lowered costs which farmers can then pass on to the consumers in the form of less-expensive products. The economic benefits go beyond just lessening the costs of organic food though. Because organic farmers sell in the local area, a more economically-run farm equals more tax dollars for the area, and more available jobs.”

Consider volunteering this coming spring and summer season at a farm near you.  The benefits are astounding and we think it will add to the richness of your life.  See you in the spring!

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